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$wizzle 01-06-2011 07:31 AM

MobileMe hacked
Hi! New to the forum so I apologize if you have had this question before but I couldn't find it. Yesterday my MobileMe account was hacked and my email was forwarded to a yahoo email address (which I will be happy to provide :) ). It lasted about 12 hours (I could send email but not receive it, which is how I found out about the problem). Having access to MobileMe would give access to all my contacts and calendars as well as any email still on the server. They took the time time delete any email I received that day as well and left all prior emails.

I promptly changed the admittedly weak password, but my question is how concerned should I be? Why wouldn't they just continue to use the account "stealthily" why forward the mail? They could have just changed the password all together and locked me out? Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

chscag 01-06-2011 01:43 PM

It's hard to say what the hacker's intensions were. They may have done a "test run" on your MobileMe account to see if it was vulnerable perhaps with plans on using it later. That's what happens when using a weak password.

Definitely use strong passwords and buy\use a good password manager to ease the burden of remembering all those passwords we have. The best one in my opinion is 1Password. Here's the download LINK.

They have versions for the Mac, Windows, iPhone.

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