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    Getting Spotlight to search Mounted Disk Images
    I work at a rather IP heavy company, and decided to encrypt all my files in a sparseimage disk. This works wonderfully, except that I just realized that Spotlight does not search the mounted drive.

    Can I get Spotlight to search the mounted drive? Is there any utility that will search the mounted drive? It doesn't really matter if it takes an hour to index every morning. Since it is only 2 gb, it shouldn't take that long to index.

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    Jan 05, 2011
    whoops, I suppose the OS is significant. Looks like it's OS 10.5.8.

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    late 2012 mini w/SSD
    (copied from elsewhere...)
    You need to have Spotlight index the drive. Go to System Preferences>Spotlight and select Privacy. Drag the drive icon into the Privacy pane and drop it there. Then, select it and click - to remove it from Privacy. Within a few moments, Spotlight will commence indexing the drive.

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    Jan 05, 2011
    I did that, but it only seems to have indexed the titles rather than content. It doen't even seem to have indexed the text I put in the Spotlight Comments in the info panel. Since journal titles are long, I can't make the filename the same as the title.

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