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    Question Unable to access a NAS storage device from Mac

    I've recently started working at a new employee in an IT position.

    There is a single Mac here and the user is experiencing problems accessing data on a NAS box sitting on the network. Unfortunately I have zero Mac experience and wondered if anyone may be able to point me in the right direction please.

    The user had no problems before the festive holidays, but upon returning when attempting to access the data he recieves a message informing that the machine is unable to connect. He has a virtual XP install within the Mac OS that can access the data fine, and is able to access other shares on different machines on the domain. Apparently the NAS box runs on Linux.

    Within the Mac OS he is able to ping the NAS box by IP address, is there a way to ping via host name? I'm wondering if it may be DNS related?

    I believe that he logs onto the Mac with a local account.

    Apologies if the information is a little vague, any help greatly appriciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you have a Domain Controller, any chance that someone changed policies?

    But, you said you think the Mac uses a local (non-domain) login... So,

    The two file sharing protocols typically used by Macs are Mac afp (apple filing protocol) and Windows smb (server message block). Since you know the IP address, try GO > Connect to Server and enter these one at a time to see if they work:
    smb:// (put the real IP address in here of course)

    If there's a specific named share (shared folder), add that in like this:

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    Thanks for your reply.

    The user currently has the share mapped using the path smb://storage_device_name/share_name

    I've noticed that on one of our multifunction devices, I get a similar error when attempting to scan to the NAS box. Scanning to other other locations is fine. Again the path is mapped on the printer using an SMB path.

    I've only worked at the company two days, but apparently nothing has changed on the domain recently.

    We've scheduled a reboot of the NAS to see if it helps, current up time is 28 days.

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    Thought I quickly post to let you know that this was resolved by rebooting the NAS box.

    Many thanks for your help.

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