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    Post bootcamp Vista help?
    So, im wondering if i use a Reinstallation DVD Windows Vista Home Basic 32 BIT SP1 if il be able to install it on my mac with boot camp. The real problem is i dont have the COA for the disc but i have a PC also with a COA on the bottom. The PC has XP loaded on it. I realize this is a Mac forum but the issue requires both Mac and windows so im hoping i can find someone who understands my problem. Is it possible to use that COA to install Vista onto my Mac using that COA and the Disc listed above. if not is there any other way i can find a COA?


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    Aside from the legalities of the EULA, most reinstallation discs are tailored to the machine they're sold with. Also, the COAs are usually specific to the manufacturer - so a Dell COA, for example, wouldn't work with an HP (and vice versa). Additionally, if you're using that copy of Vista installed on another machine, you'll run into activation issues on one or both machines.

    And of course, we don't discuss software piracy on this forum, so you won't be getting any product IDs or COAs here, if that was your intent.
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    Post thank you
    no that was not my intention at all. i have no interest in pirating. the software is not downloaded on a computer but the key i have wont work. thank you very much anyways.

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