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Thread: zipping files not compressing

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    zipping files not compressing

    When I "right-click" on a file and select Compress "Filename..." it does make a zip file, but it is the same size as the original file. I am trying to make a compressed/smaller size file for emailing, etc. Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated. Other than that, I love my mac. Thank you.


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    It's been a long time since I've used the built in Mac zip feature since it doesn't really give you any custom options. As you have found out you have to either like the results or live without it.

    If you are trying to send the files to a Windows users they may have trouble opening the file anyway so I would recommend using a different software. Try YemuZip. You get to choose between 3 levels of compressions and my Windows friends have no problem opening the zip files.

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    What type of file are you trying to compress? MP3's for example are already pretty compressed and will not compress much. I just tried some Document files and Better Zip made the zip a bit smaller than the build in, but both zips were maybe 15-17% smaller than the files I was zipping.

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