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    Setting up iMac first time

    I am fairly IT literate but only have PC/Windows experience. I now have an iMac but as a complete mac newbie have no idea where to start. I would appreciate some help. Specifically I have the following questions;

    1. What usual steps one needs to take to setup a brand new iMac for normal everyday use? A link or two to easy to follow tutorials would be appreciated.

    2. How does one setup a brand new airport extreme a1354 router to work with iMac for internet access?

    3. How does one setup parallels 5 on iMac to enable running win apps? Does one need a copy of windows to accomplish this?

    4. How does one share files with a pc (win vista) on same network?

    5. How can one configure iMac for remote access?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Hi and welcome to the forum John . . .

    Ill set down some links for you to check out and should get you on your way

    Mac Switcers 101 ~ Apple
    Mac 101 ~ Apple
    100 Essential Mac Apps ~ MacTipsAndTricks
    Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts
    Mac OS Menu Bar Items
    Mac Downloads ~ Apple

    And just a few Apps that a lot of Mac Users use !!!!!

    So there is a bit of reading there. As i goes for Apps we dont know what you are into, but ill list a few that most people have and you can look them up in the 100 Essential Apps URL i gave ...

    Adium ~ Chat Client
    Growl Notifications
    SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner ~ Both make bootable copies of your HD
    HandBrake ~ Video Converting
    Burn ~ As it says A Burning App
    Transmission ~ p2p client
    Skitch ~ Screen capture and more
    VLC ~ Video player that plays most codecs and does a lot more
    Perian and Flip4Mac Makes watching certain codecs easier ... This is Essential IMHO
    Audacity ~ Play with Music App
    CandyBar ~ Mods all your icons, and dock
    MainMenu or Oynx ~ Does the same as Disk utility only more thorough
    Quicksilver ~ Works like Spotlight but way way better and does so much more
    StuffitExpander ~ Opens Zip and rar files and more
    Lil Snitch ~ Firewall type App that looks at your incoming and outgoing traffic
    and last but certainly not least .....
    AppTrap ~ Once installed it sits in System Preferences and deletes all associated files of anything that you put in the trash ...

    Should keep you busy for a while lol
    Hope it helps some

    #2 ~ Apple Manuals ~ Setting up Airport Extreme
    #3~ Setting up windows via Parallels~ Ask Dave
    #5 ~ Usinf remote desktop on iMac
    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    Welcome to Mac Forums! TattooedMac mostly covered everything but your question about Windows 7 and Parallels. You are correct, you will be need a copy of Windows 7. Or you could use Boot Camp.
    How to install Windows 7 in OS X using Parallels Desktop – a complete walkthrough – Simple Help

    Keep in mind, running Windows 7 on Boot Camp will be faster than running it on Parallels.

    Boot Camp: Windows 7 installation frequently asked questions

    Congrats on the new Mac! Good luck!

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