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Thread: Macbook pro won't start from disc

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    Macbook pro won't start from disc
    I have a macbook pro with Leopard 10.5.6 disc and will not reinstall or startup using the startup disc. It shows a blank screen ( one with galaxy ) and no start manager or disc utilities. I have tried several times to reboot from disc and followed the procedure to restart, but nothing!!

    Could this be a result of running 10.5.8 ( which has firmware updates etc )?
    I want to reformat my hard disc to run windows.

    Any help would be appreciated...


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    Your intention is to run only Windows and not Mac OS X at all? If so, no need to bother with the OS X disc. Just pop your Windows disc in and start the install as you would on any plain old PC.

    If you intend to do a dual boot, start the machine normally into 10.5.8 and run the Boot Camp Assistant in your Utilities folder. This will partition the disk into two and kick off the Windows install process.
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