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    powerbook G4
    HI I need some help i have been given a powerbook G4 by my son inlaw to fix as it won't boot
    The situation is when you power on you hear the chimes then a grey screen with what looks like a stop sign in grey and it just sits there.
    Also there is an osx disk stuck inside the tray which i can't figure out how to open There must be a key stroke combination to open the tray but i have no idea what it is. Assuming someone can tell me how to eject the disk what do i do then to get this up and running again

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    To eject the disk, hold down the mouse button at start-up (or the Trackpad button). That will force eject the disk

    Find out what disk you have in there, is it a grey restore disk or is it another type.

    Just a thought as well, if a valid OSX install disk is already in there, first try a restrat and hold down the C key straight after the start-up chime, that should force the G4 to boot from the optical disc.
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    HI louishen thanks for your reply tried both of your suggestions but neither worked,the only difference was instead of a grey stop sign i am left with the black apple

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