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    How to install OS X on clean system (not clean install) question
    I"m looking at buying a used mac from a seemingly dependable source, the only thing I"m sketchy about is the fact that the system is wiped, but there is no OS at all. My question is first of all, should I even consider this, and if so, how do I install OS X on a clean system with no OS?

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    You buy the OS X retail disc at Best Buy, or online from Apple for $29.

    As far as if you should consider it, I would test the hard drive first if possible.
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    Umm it's more or less the same process. >_>" Format the HDD, and install the OS.

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    installing new os
    like mentioned earlier, check to see how the hd is formatted. it should be guid for the models after the g5 and then enter the disc and let the wizard do it's work. i don't know how old the mac is your intending to buy but with anyone with intel processors or later this should work fine.
    cheers, jc
    ps. my bad. in my enthusiasm to help i just noticed that this is an older thread

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    Can you give us a bit more info? Which model Mac is this? Power PC? Intel? A model if possible.

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