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    Exclamation is migration via external hardrive possible?
    Well I have no clue where to post this - since it fits int about three categories. I figure Software works since it's dealing with Migration Assistant.

    No other post I've read really answers my question. I Just see a lot of condescending answers that skirt around the issue lol.

    I am selling my mac so I can get another mac.

    Currently own a MacBook Pro - want a MacMini.

    Will I be able to migrate all my settings, apps and whatnot to another mac via external hard-drive?

    I already backuped everything onto it with Time Machine Backup.

    I need to know if this is possible before I sale my Mac today.


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    Yep, that's the wonders of Migration Assistant. You can select the TM backup from your external HD and just go from there.
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    Its one of the first options when you boot up a new mac
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