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    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac and Exchange 2003
    I have a user in my company that just purchased a Macbook Air with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Our organization has an Exchange 2003 server. According to Apple's Help on the Mac, Office 2011 only interfaces with Exchange 2007.

    Can anybody please tell me if a workaround exists to make what we have work? I want the user to be able to use Outlook 2011 for Mac with our Exchange 2003 server. Can I make it work somehow going through OWA? I have read that using Apple Mail somewhat works, but I want to be able to use Outlook instead. Thanks

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    You may be able to get mail to work, but I don't think address books and calendar will work at all
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    Correct, Apple Mail, Entourage 2008 SP2 w/ EWS and Outlook 2011 will only work with Exchange 2007 and above.

    Outlook Web Access can work in any browser though anything other than IE will produce reduced features.

    Exchange 2003 most likely shipped with Entourage 2004 media to used with Mac clients. Check with IT to see if the Entourage 2004 CD is with the rest of the Exchange media.

    The Entourage installer will require Rosetta be installed on the new Mac. Just an FYI that you will be prompted to install that before Entourage.

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