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    Now being an Apple geek i was all over the new OS and I've got a couple of rumors.
    First one is that Apple is going to add iOS compatibility so you basically have an iPod Touch on your Mac but it will lack some features like you cant put cracked apps on. But there is a cydia for it.

    Second one is that Mac OS X Lion will use about 43% less CPU and memory usage than Snow Leopard because, most services will get paused by Lion when their not being used

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    Not so much iOS compatibility (iOS is a branch of OSX as it is) but more of an iOS GUI...

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    It's also rumored that Apple will drop the "Aurora" and "Aqua" Default BG's....
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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss View Post
    Not so much iOS compatibility (iOS is a branch of OSX as it is) but more of an iOS GUI...
    Also, considering Apple won't be have touch screen Macs, it pretty makes this a non-starter.
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    Wow, second one is really a good news as I usually get my macbook pro running with 15 to 20 softwares. Now I am just wondering wether Lion could improve some basic function like Time Machine (I really don't appreciate it since it occupies too much resource when backing up and the process takes tooooo long...), Mail (My hotmail account is not available very very often, which I still cannot figure out.) and Finder (no tag, no command+x and even no memory of my recent access).

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    I believe the trackpad is in essence, the touch interface. I'd imagine the Magic Trackpad will be pushed more heavily for desktops. Basically, it's touch, but without having to block the view of the screen with your hand. I'll be interested to see if the App Store lets one buy apps a la carte instead of as a suite - like iTunes allows the purchase of a song instead of an album. It would be nice to pay a smaller amount for new releases of the applications I use and not for the additional cruft that I delete anyhow. Of course, I wonder which applications would EOL without being subsidized by their current bundled companions. I know I would opt to discontinue paying for iWeb or Garageband with that business model. The image seems to show iLife application done in such a way, but who knows?

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