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Thread: Disable Right Click?

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    Disable Right Click?
    Ok. My 3 year old son is learning to use the emac I bought him.

    He's doing pretty good, really, for a three year old. One problem we're having, though, is that he clicks both mouse buttons.

    Is there a way in OSX to completely disable the right click functions while he gets his sea legs?

    Don't want to do this forever, as I don't want to give him bad habits, but he is still a small guy with small hands, so I want to disable right click while he's still learning the ins and outs of basic PC use.
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    Well, it boils down to what kind of mouse you're using and what you want the kid to learn.

    The default setup for a Mac is for a single-button mouse (these days, with scrolling and now gesture functions as well.) With an Apple mouse (either the "Magic mouse" or the older "Mighty mouse") both sides should be set to the primary button.

    If you're using a Windows mouse, there are two fixed buttons and Apple provides no way to change it. You should be able to use USB Overdrive to set both buttons to act as the primary. Or just, you know, get the kid a proper Mac mouse.

    Since the kid is learning on a Mac, and the Mac has a global menu bar, there's no reason the kid should be bothered with a second button until he has to use a Windows PC. And if you wanted to raise a little Windows user (you sadistic parent, you) you bought him the wrong computer.

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    Cool, I'll have to look into that.

    Yeah. We got him a small notebook wireless mouse for his little hands. Still a little big for him, though.
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