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    Unhappy Hard Ware issues
    So basically, my computer would not start it had the blinking folder question mark of death and then shut off. I was just able to get it to start up with a mac mini os x installer, and went to disk utility as apple support recommends, and the only things in the left hand box are "HL-DT-ST DVDRW GS23N and the install DVD.... both dvd's. my HD isn't there and when i click the "hl..." there is no option to verify or repair the disk, ALSO the installer won't reinstall.. HELP PLEASE. i have so much i need on my computer for school and work... and i do NOT have the funds for the apple store fix, sadly my warranty expired about 3 months ago. the computer is a little over a year old, this is completely disheartening. please please someone help.

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    Sounds like the hardrive failed. I hope that you have a backup of your data.

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    I agree, it's very likely a failed hard drive. The fact that it doesn't show up in Disk Utility is pretty good indication. Unless you've been making backups with Time Machine, all your data on the HD may be gone.

    What you can possibly try to do to recover your data is to remove the hard drive from the Mac and place it in an external carrier or use an adapter. Attach it via USB to the Mac after installing a new hard drive and reinstalling OS X. You can then try to see if you can extract the data from the dead hard drive.

    You may also need to purchase recovery software such as Data Rescue 3.

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