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    How to Create Virtual CD to Fool iTunes?
    I legally own a number of albums on vinyl, which I have digitized to my PC and edited on my windows PC in aiff or wav (removing pops/ clicks and so on). In addition I have a number of legal CDs that have sufficient read errors to prevent foolproof rips using itunes, so I ripped them using Exact Audio Copy on my PC to aiff or wav; which gave a better rip.

    Now I'd like to import these files into my mac (OS 10.5.8) itunes library. The problem is that itunes will not add title/ track metadata from Gracenote to anything that is not imported from an actual CD into iTunes.

    Is there a way to create a virtual CD drive on the mac to which I will "burn" these files into, creating a virtual audio CD which itunes can see as an audio CD and thus import as an audio CD, looking up track names from GraceNote?

    Note- You will be surprised- GraceNote will find correct title/track info for analog recordings more often than you think. I burned a set of wav files from an analog LP record to audio CD format and it found the correct info; however I don't want to create actual CDs for all these albums and waste the CDs. I'd rather go the virtual CD route if possible.

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    Why not convert the files to mp3 and then just add them to the library?

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    Apart from also thinking along with what DaFlake said, here's a VirtualCD application if you really need it.
    Download Virtual CD-RW for Mac - Virtual CD driver.
    Download the demo, and when you decide to buy it you can get it for 25% off (Same page, the sign on the right)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaFlake View Post
    Why not convert the files to mp3 and then just add them to the library?
    ??? What will that do? I'd just have a bunch of "track1" mp3 files? and "track 2" and so on? It wouldn't lookup the album/ title info which is why I have asked this question.

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    OMG, you are going to have to type! How do you think that ITunes is going to determine what it is?

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    FYI, once you convert them to MP3 and name them blahblahblah.mp3 you can use something like this...

    TuneUp | Digital Music Management & Music Discovery for iTunes & WMP

    This will add the MP3 ID tag you are looking for.

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