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    12 pop-up in Safari.
    Just recently, my Safari browser will randomly open a pop-up window (even though "Block pop-up windows" is enabled) and the url will always start with before it eventually changes and sends me to some website. Anyone know how I can get rid of this? I tried reseting Safari, but it still happens.

    And I know, I know... Someone will feel the need to tell me how much better Chrome/Firefox is than Safari. I'll probably switch soon. I just want to get rid of whatever this is first.

    MacBook Pro OS 10.5.8

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    When you reset Safari, did you include 'delete all cookies'? I can't be 100% certain, but I think you'll find a google cookie is the source and cause of the popup. You can trace it manually through Safari > Prefs > Security > Show Cookies.

    The latest Safari update btw includes enhanced popup blocking.
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    Aug 25, 2009
    I did delete all cookies, but I will try again. And I'll check for the update.

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