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Thread: HD wont talk with my Mac

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    Dec 25, 2010
    HD wont talk with my Mac
    My Mac and my external HD won't talk (it's Christmas, everyone should be talking, right?). All other forums online didn't have my problem exactly. Here's the deal:

    -external HD DOES show up in Disk Utility (i have also run a repair and verification and Disk Utility said there was no problem)

    -HD DOES show up in system profiler

    -HD DOES NOT show up in Finder

    -none of the files on the HD show up in a spotlight search

    -Everything works fine on another Mac

    -I have reset the PRAM

    PowerPC G4

    I'm poor that's why.

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    Try restarting with the drive connected. My Firewire 400 drives are only mountable this way some days.

    If the drive is new and you will use it only on Mac then reformat it. All externals are formatted with FAT32 I believe.

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    Did it before Christmas show up in finder ?? Have you done anything since the last time it showed that COULD have done something to the HDD ..

    At the end of the day it could be that the Ext HD has gone south, Kaput To Show everywhere but have nothing to show ??
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