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    Looking to re-establish productivity OS features
    Hello. I'm trying to find ways to go back to previous features that I can't seem to use currently with my OS version.

    1) Spotlight: I'd like to know if there's a way to go back to the previous "generation" of Spotlight's results window, which is much more organized than the one my 10.5.8 OS provides. This is what I want to go back to:


    2) Mac OS screenshots: Trying to go back where after taking a screenshot (Command + 1, +3, etc), the resulting jpg's file name would contain the date and time of when the screenshot was made. Tired of having "Shot 1, Shot 2, etc" in my desktop (let's not get started in this process not even adding the file's jpg extension!!!) Here's where I'm trying to get at:


    Thanks for all your help,

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    Looks like the main difference, aside from the aesthetics, is that you have the old version sorted by 'kind' and the new window sorted by 'date'. Are you aware that you can simply click the header at the top of the 'kind' column to get the same sort?
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    Spotlight (the magnifying glass at the upper right of the menubar) still behaves as the "comparison" graphic shows.

    I did recently, however, run across a story about a third-party app that might make you happy; hang on let me find it:

    Found it: Houdah debuts public beta of Tembo search utility | MacNN

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