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    Snow Leopard and extensions
    I finally got around to updating to 10.6.5 and all went well except one thing, every time I log onto the internet for the first time in the morning all four of my extensions open to their web page in tabs. I have to manually close each one to get back to my home page. When I was using 10.5.X everything worked fine and this did not happen. I called Apple Care and they did not know how to stop it. Is there anyone on the forum who can help me?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    What extensions are you talking about ..... hair extensions ?

    A bit more info would be nice ..... you're not giving us much to go on.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Sorry, McBie, I didn't think it made any difference. All are shopping extensions - Invisible Hand, Price Blink and Ooking for Amazon (I had four but deleted the hair extension this morning ). I checked my Safari preferences to be sure tabs did not get turned on when I upgraded to 10.6.5. It was not enabled. I have never enabled it as I don't use tabs. I added a new extension from Apples website just to test it yesterday. It opened with the rest of them this morning.

    Any ideas?


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    Check your Safari Preferences>General Tab and make sure "New windows open with" is NOT set to "Bookmarks" or "Tabs for Bookmarks Bar" - if it is, then it suggests that those four "extensions" are actually bookmarks set to open at startup.

    It's also possible that you have an extension or SIMBL plugin that is telling Safari to "remember" last pages open upon startup.

    It's hard to tell what's going on with your setup because we can't see what your settings are, etc...
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    Thanks for the suggestion CreativeGuy

    I checked the preferences and New windows open with is set to Home Page and New Tabs open with is set to Home Page also.

    If I have an extension or SIMBL plugin that is telling Safari to remember last pages open where would I find that?

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    Have you tried to reset Safari ??

    Also i personally would Trash all the Extensions and download and install them again ?? Worth a try Sort of a reset after the Update ?? Just thinking out loud
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    I use Invisible Hand and it has certainly never taken me to a web page on its own! I think you must have accidentally set the tabs as a bookmark and set the bookmark to open as a home page or on startup.

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    Per you suggestions I reset Safari and trashed all extensions and downloaded new ones. Didn't work. They all still load homepage when I log onto internet.


    How to I check whether I set the tabs as a bookmark and set it to open?

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