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    How do i install windows applications in MAC
    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help me how do I install a USB modem to access internet in MAC os. Is there any procedure. Its very important to me to install USB datacard modem in MAC os. Please help me. The USB modem will work fine in windows.


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    1. It's "Mac," not MAC. It's not an acronym, its an abbreviation of "Macintosh."

    2. Is the USB modem Mac-compatible?

    3. Are we even talking about a laptop here? You don't give ANY details AT ALL about your machine, operating system, brand of USB modem and so on. Help us help you.

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    Go to the vendors site that makes the modem and see if they make drivers for Mac. If they don't, then you are out of luck.

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    You maybe able to find one of these, although Apple discontinued them a few years ago. | (MA034Z/A) [Ex-Demo] Apple USB External Modem (Opened )

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