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    macbook pro 2007 screen resolution problems
    Sorry if this has already been posted. I couldn't find anything.

    I have a 2007 macbook pro running leopard 10.5.8. Recently (within the last 2 or 3 weeks) I have started having problems with the screen resolution changing when I wake it up.

    Often, but not all the time, I shut it, or put it to sleep and then shut it, or just put it to sleep, or just turn it on, the screen resolution will jump to 800 by 600 stretched. It has also started happening automatically when I open the display preference pane as well.The sceen always goes light blue for a second or two before the resolution changes.

    Sometimes when I close the laptop and open it up again it will fix itself, but not always. Same with restarting.

    What can I do? I hope this isn't going to turn into a serious problem.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    It could be a driver problem, but really sounds like a hardware problem.
    First thing I would try is disk utility, repair disk and permissions.
    If this doesn't have any affect, I would backup, reinstall OSX and see if that (fingers crossed) solves the issue.
    If not I think it may be time for a trip to apple or another repair shop.

    - Simon

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