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    External Harddrive formats
    i made this account just to post this thread
    ive been a pc junkie since windows 95 first came out and have had 11 computers since (they're all still being used..nerd right?)
    i got my first macbook over the summer because i was sick of my fu****su tablet

    anyways i have two external harddrives sitting on my desk, both of which are fat32. my problem with fat32 is the 4gb file size limit

    i considered converting to ntfs but ive read about some compatibility problems with ntfs and the mac os. can anyone help clear this up for me?

    what is a native mac os x format?
    is there a good format that windows and mac can both read and write to other than fat32?

    i consistently switch between windows and mac every day(macbook and desktop), so going to a format that only one can work with is something i dont want to do

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    OS X can natively read NTFS partitions.
    To have OS X write to NTFS partitions there is software available from Paragon.
    PARAGON Software Group - NTFS for Mac, communication channel between Mac OS X and Windows

    Have a look.
    I am sure other members will pop in with other suggestions.

    Cheers ... McBie
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