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Thread: Resizing windows from one corner, anything to do it from any corner?

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    Resizing windows from one corner, anything to do it from any corner?
    I don't suppose anyone knows of something to resize a window from any corner?

    I have two monitors, a 27" iMac and 1680x1050 second monitor. If I move a window from the 27" to the 22" its bigger than the monitor, so the bottom right corner is off the screen, so I cant resize it. So I have to move it back, resize it at a guess, then move it again. Oh its still too big. I move it back, resize, etc etc. What a real pain.

    So if there was something to resize using a top corner I can move it to the other monitor, and resize on the actual screen to my preferred size, rather than keep guessing on the other monitor.

    Just one of my VERY FEW issues with moving to a Mac

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S. I dont want that app thats $20 so you can do it via the keyboard, I want to use my mouse.
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    Most applications should automatically resize any window you drag over to a smaller monitor to fit. For those that don't (eg. Word, Firefox...mostly Windows ports) a click of the Zoom button should do the trick.

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    try out better touch tool. BetterTouchTool (Mac) - Download It has the windows snap feature and you just drag the program to the top of the screen to refit it and maximize to the screen

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    oh I feel a bit dumb now... I did not know it resizes on the other monitor, you have to leave the mouse button go then it resizes to the monitor height! I never let the mouse button go because I could see the window was too big so drag it back all the time to resize ha ha so thanks for that.

    I dont use the magic mouse or trackpad. the mouse hurts my fingers, so will give that one a miss thanks though.
    27" iMac, 64Gb iPad, 32Gb iPhone 4

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