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    Delete suggested text.
    Well, i think it's related to this forum.

    As you can see, on the moment i typed "G" it gave me a list, with suggestions. (look at the register thingy)
    I don't want this list to apper. At all.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    Clear your browser caches, saved passwords, etc.

    Firefox- Click Tools>Clear Browser History, etc and also Click Firefox>Preferences>Security>and uncheck remember passwords for sites, or add exceptions.

    Safari- Click Safari>Reset Safari and Click Safari>Preferences>AutoFill, and uncheck User names and passwords

    Google Chrome - Click Chrome>Clear Browsing Data, etc and Click Chrome>Preferences>Personal stuff>Uncheck offer to save passwords.

    Finally, go to ~/library/keychains/login.keychain and have a look in there for any saved data that you don't want and delete those entries.

    *and of coarse, don't check the remember me box

    They're the only 3 browsers I use, but you get the gist

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