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Thread: Scanning Issue with Canon MP601

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    Scanning Issue with Canon MP601

    I have just developed an issue trying to scan anything from a Canon Pixma 610 multifunctional printer to my 2009 iMac 21" 2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo running Snow Leopard 10.6.5. It has been scanning with no issues for over a year, but all of a sudden it has stopped working. It will start to scan, but then on the mac it will stop mid scan. The printer/ scanner carries on and scans the remainder, but it does not show on the mac. It simple shows part of the scan. The printer also shows that it is still scanning, although the 'whirring' has stopped. Eventually I will get an error message saying that there was an 'error communicting to the scanner'.

    All other printer functions work fine - I can print, photocopy and query the printer (e.g. ink levels) from the MAC.
    I have confirmed that the printer is not attached to an USB hub and that is plugged directly into the MAC.
    I have confirmed the USB cables are plugged in firmly.
    I have rebooted everything
    I have downloaded some different scanner software to see whether that was the issue, but same thing happened.
    I have downloaded an older printer driver as from various searches on the net, it could have been that, but no joy. I have now run software update through to upgrade the software bak to the latest version for snow leopard.
    I have run through disk utility and have repaired all permissions etc
    I have run through all the daily, weekly & monthly maintenance scripts.
    I have run a virus checker which has come out clean.

    The last successful scan I had was on 8th December 2010, the only software update I have had was an Aperture Update to 3.1.1 on the 13th December 2010, so at the moment this is the only thing that I can see that has changed. Could it be this that is affecting it?

    Does anyone have any ideas, as I still am unsure as to whether it is an issue with the printer of the Mac OS? I am running out of ideas!
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    It appears you've done some extensive trouble shooting. From what you've posted, it looks like it may be a hardware problem with the Canon itself. Do you by chance have a Windows machine that you can use to test the scanning function of the Canon?

    Also, just yesterday I received an update from Apple that contained new drivers and updated software for Canon printers. I don't know if it includes anything for your model or not but if you haven't received it yet, go to updates and do a query.

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