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    Question Converting paper to workable e-document
    Is there a software available to scan a document into a Mac (MacBook) and enter data on to the document?

    For instance, a child's worksheet from school is scanned into the computer and the child is able to type the answers into the document and print it out to hand in. I have a child with severe handwriting problems (dysgraphia) and it would help us so much to be able to do this. There is a PC software that will do this, but all our computers are Macs.

    Any ideas?

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    I would look for a PDF to Word converter. You could then load (FREE) Open Office on your Mac, which would allow you to edit the Word could load Windows on your Mac and run the PC software you mentioned.

    My suggestion is surely not perfect, but it's what came to mind.
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    Isn't cheap, but you are looking for OCR software....

    Nuance - mac - Convert scanned documents into electronic files you can edit, search and share

    I have used OmniPage in the past and it was pretty nice.

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    Thank you both very much. I looked at all the suggestions. Nuance software sounds great, but is just too pricey for us right now.

    But, because y'all gave me the correct terminology I was able to find ABBYFineReader software for Mac. It is only $99 and I am using their free trial to check things out. I was able to scan in a page from his Chemistry workbook and open it in Pages as a workable document. I almost cried!

    You have no idea the stress this will take from me and from him. He is very smart but has dyslexia and dysgraphia, struggling with spelling and writing. Using really good writing software called Co-Writer, that is like spell-check on steriods.... he is now going to be able to type in his answers without me sitting there to spell words for him.

    Thank you and WAR EAGLE!!

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    Glad to hear that yo ugot something that will work!

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