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Thread: Tethering to a microcell

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    Tethering to a microcell.. PLEASE
    Ok guys this is a difficult one but should be a simple solution that i cant figure out. I have a macbook pro. I know about tethering to xbox and it works. the problem is in the setup of the sharing. I cant configure the microcell. You cant go in and edit settings. It works fine at home with normal internet plugin but when i go to school i have perfect T1 internet connection speed wireless. The connection to the computer is fine its just the ethernet light keeps flashing rapidly which according to ATT is configuration. If you could help me that would be awesome... im tired of no service in the library//

    update... the ethernet is giving itself a self assigned ip of with mask

    perhaps this is the address I can forward the data to??

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    Dec 13, 2010
    come on guys.. 61 views not even a hello
    To reword the question more precise...

    I have a ATT microcell 3g. It works fine at home plugged into my router. I would like to use this at school because the signal is **** pretty much everywhere in the town I am in. The school has t1 wireless speed. Usually you have to predefine the IP and the DNS gateway for the sharing to be done. Unfortunatly there is no way to configure this on the microcell. It is plug and play for ethernet internet connection. So I have to make the ethernet on my computer literally act like a port for internet... not just internet sharing... big points guys i have no clue

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