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timmymeade 12-12-2010 02:54 AM

i erased all my documents in my mac osx 10.5.8
i erased all my documents in my mac osx 10.5.8 cause i was trying to clean it up to sell it. as i did not know it erased my safari , and time machine and a lot of other apps. i didnt empty the trash , i pulled them back out on to the desk top. i got safari to work again , but my computer is so slow and screwed up now , can anybody help me , i dont know what to do or know much about macs??:Grimmace:

6string 12-12-2010 03:41 AM

I would just perform a clean install, which is what you should do when selling a Mac anyway.

-Boot from the install disc holding C while booting until you see the spinning gear.
-Select language and click continue.
-Select utilities>disk utility in the menu bar (this takes a few seconds to appear).
-Select the HD at the top of the list on the left.
-Click erase tab.
-Format Mac Os Extended (Journaled).
-Name Macintosh HD.
-Click erase.
-Quit disk utility menu, and continue with installation.

timmymeade 12-12-2010 04:31 AM

thanks for the advice but i have no disc's for the i mac

6string 12-12-2010 04:36 AM

You will want the original install discs to get top $ for Mac, as well as get more potential buyers.
Call Apple, and for upto around $20, after giving them your serial number, they will send you out replacement discs.
While at it, I would also get Snow Leopard ($29) and provide that with the machine when you sell it as well.

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