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    Mac Server Workgroup Conflict
    Hi All - I am having some issues with my interface between mac server -Snow Leapord- and pc's - XP at work. I have had a workgroup set up for a while with our PC server. I put the Mac server in under the same workgroup so it would all be on the group as we transferred everything over. Ever since the new server has been up and running, it appears that if I have the workgroup on the mac server the same as the workgroup of the PC's, then there is some sort of conflict that prevents the pc's from being able to connect to that workgroup. The pc's also can not map network drives to the server in any way.

    Once I change the Mac server workgroup to a different name - leaving the pcs all on the same, different, workgroup, the pcs can now get on the workgroup and see each other as they should. They can't see the mac server by viewing the workgroup, but can map a drive by typing the ip or server address.

    No problems with the mac laptops

    Any ideas what is causing this issue and how can it be resolved? Thanks in advance


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    Nov 11, 2010
    Any Ideas?

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