Hi all.
I'm new here. This seemed the best place to ask something I've been trying to work out and that's bugging me.
Do excuse me if this seems an age-old question..but..

i would love to have a streaming url as a desktop background wallpaper.
I watch much web-streamed tv as I work rest and play but it is always as an 'on top' (Window shade) floating solution. It clutters my space. Not ideal.

I would love to just be able to press the clear windows button on my Mac Book Pro and just watch the stream as I wished / wanted as a streaming video from an assigned url link .

Is this possible?

For a simple example - I would love to have BBC World News as a background desktop streaming url instead of a floating window as I listen/watch/work.

Do any of you exper know of a solution for this?

Any tips would be appreciated.

Many thanks/skinna
Snow Leopard 10.6.5
Mac Book Pro.