I have a 2.0GHZ Core Duo MacBook Pro. It has Snow Leopard and the latest updates installed.

My problem is that whenever I am on battery power (not plugged in) the Airport connection can randomly drop. Resulting in "page not found" errors. It will still show full signal strength to the router and that I am connected. Usually it regains connectivity within a few minutes. If I plug in the power adapter, that always fixes the problem. It has never dropped connectivity while plugged in.

I have only seen these problems referenced in regards to 10.5, nothing for SnowLeo. I had originally copied my G4 Powerbook's HDD via Firewire to this one, and then upgraded to Snow Leopard. I thought this was causing the issues. But I recently formatted the HDD and did a fresh 10.6 install. Problem does seem to be less prevalent, but still there.

I'm thinking a hardware problem with the actual Airport card?