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campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 03:42 PM

How to Boot Power Mac from mac 10.4 discs
I have a Power mac that I forgot my master password. I am trying to boot the computer from the disc by hitting the "C" key after the bell and nothing. Does anyone have any idea's on booting from the 10.4 original disc so I can reset my passwords and move on with using my computer again?


dtravis7 12-09-2010 03:53 PM

What are the specs of the Mac you are trying to boot from the 10.4 CD/DVD? Is this 10.4 Disc the one you used to install OSX on the machine?

harryb2448 12-09-2010 04:07 PM

Take it you are popping disc one in, rebooting, and holding down 'C' after the chime?

Note your PowerMac will not boot from the silver/grey system install discs from another Mac model.

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 08:10 PM

The mac OSX 10.4 tiger is the latest updated software I put on the mac. I bought it at the apple store. Leget software. I'm use to bios. So this is new. I can only start the mac. Cannot get past login due to no memory of the master password nor keychain.

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 08:11 PM

This disk is black.

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 08:13 PM

I just need the mac to got to the cd for reseting the pasword. How do I get it to do this from the off position to start up???

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 08:19 PM

Same disc I used when one of my hard drives crashed. Spec... Ummm ya
can't remember
1g ram. 2 60g hard drives
computer built in 2003-4.

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 08:20 PM

I hold c and reboot but dosent go to the disc. Ideas??

harryb2448 12-09-2010 09:20 PM

Reboot with the disc in and after the chime then hold down 'C'.

campbell_s2010 12-09-2010 09:46 PM

Does not work. I have read that some mac do not work like that

6string 12-09-2010 09:51 PM

Hold option as soon as you hear the chime until you see the spinning gear. Then select the install disc to boot from.

DarkestRitual 12-10-2010 05:49 PM

Try Option (alt). Or D. If it's a non-apple keyboard, these might not work.

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