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    Clean install of Leopard 10.5

    I'm in the process of selling my macbook and want to erase my data and clean install OS X for the new owner. I boot from disc, go past the language prompt and the message pops up "cannot install OS X on this computer"

    What the heck do I do with that? Its already running 10.5, so Im really confused.

    Anybody any clues?

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    Find your own disc. You'll not be able to install it with the grey disc borrowed from someone else. Those discs are specific to the system they shipped with.
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    Oh I didn't know the discs were for specific hardware. I can only find one set, and those must be for my imac. What to do if I cant find the discs for my macbook ?

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    Quickest, latest, easiest way..... go to Apple store, or anywhere else that sells Snow Leopard, and install it. $25-$29.
    Other option, is to set up a new admin account, and delete your old one, but this is not the most efficient method, firstly, because you want to test it for a while to be sure, secondly, because you can not perform a clean install, and ensure that your data is safe, and also because, selling it without install discs is loosing you more than the install discs are worth.
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