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    So in other words my 28 character passwords - not happening in our lifetime?

    The kids freaked out as I read off the password so they could join one of my networks here at the house over the Thanksgiving weekend. They decided their passwords weren't too good and called me up to help them modify some of theirs when they got back home.
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    In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus.

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    Man I hope everyone who uses FileVault reads this thread. I was going through some SERIOUS deja vu reading the OP over and over again NOT UNDERSTANDING what FV is, what it does, why it will f you over if you lose the password.

    Call me old and cranky, but I'm honestly beginning to believe that people under let's say 30 *don't fully understand* that some things can't be undone, or get a do-over, or an extra life.

    I blame Nintendo.

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    You mean you can't just hit the reset button?

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