hi, i'm new to this forum. i'm running 10.6.4 i7 imac. i have noticed the kernel panics after running protools 8 and using the mbox2 hardware. i have gotten kernel panics from closing itunes, closing safari, putting the computer to sleep, and even by shutting down normally. i have found by just looking around on the net that several other protools users are having this problem as well. no one seems to have an answer as to why this happens.

i found one posting suggesting to only plug in the mbox to usb ports farthest from the headphone jacks because supposedly they are different output/input/voltage (or something like that) than the other two ports. apparently, according to this person, few people know about this, and running the average stuff such as keyboards, external and flash drives, etc. will work properly in any port, but running something such as an mbox would use more power and cause some sort of problem. i know nothing about that kinda techy stuff, or if thats true, but that's what one poster had replied. anyway, i tried it, and it either worked for a long time (6 months or better), or it was just coincidental. however, i have been getting the kernel panic thing again lately just out of the blue.

i found another suggestion that it might be from hot plugging the mbox device. however, i've always done this, right or wrong, and my issues have have come and go, and come back again.

i also wonder if it's just a coincidence that this is happening when i'm running protools and the mbox because i'm using them almost everyday and not some other problem that i'm not seeing causing the kernel panics. nevertheless, i honestly can't remember a time that i've had a kernel panic when i wasn't using the mbox.

i, like many many others are looking for answers to this bizarre problem. so if anyone has any info on the subject, please post.