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    Unhappy Remote Access to Harddrives
    I have been looking around and cannot really find the answer to this question.
    On my home network I have a mac pro with 2 internal HDs that I want to configure to access remotely. I am running Leopard on my mac pro and Snow Leopard on my laptop which I will use to access these drives. I want to set it up so that I can do connect to server or something and it will allow me to mount my 2 harddrives on my mac pro. I am not running server software on the mac pro just normal leopard. The mac pro is also on a Cisco/Linksys home network. I can easily open ports etc. So i need to set it up so i can do connect to server (afp://myhomeip) and it will allow me to access my 2 home harddrives. I know I can setup an FTP server on that computer but I would much rather be able to mount the drives as network drives. Any help would me much appreciated.

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    From what I understand, this should be possible. You'll need to forward port 548 (AFAIK, that's the AFP port) to your Mac Pro. Then, outside of your home network, simply connect to afp://<external IP>. You should be prompted for a username and password.
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    thanks for the quick response, i'll try that when i get home. then do i also have to add the 2 drives under the file sharing section in system preferences.

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