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Thread: Help reconfiguring Raid Drive

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    Dec 06, 2010
    Help reconfiguring Raid Drive
    I am running 10.6.3 and have 4 500GB internal hds setup in a Raid. The first two drives are in a Raid and the second two are in a Raid and mirror the first two. I think this is called a Raid 1+0.

    What I want is to have 1 500gb drive as a OS and apps drive then have the other three as a Raid 0. I only have about 100 gig of data and apps on there now.

    What is the best way for me to go about this. I have a 2TB external I can use for backup.

    I guess my big issue is the Apps that are installed. The data is easy for me to backup with just dragging and dropping but I am not sure if I can do that with the apps.


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    Dec 06, 2010
    After some more research here is what I think might work.

    1. use disk utility and make a image of my main hard drive and save it to a external usb HD.

    2. Boot with osx dvd

    3. Configure drives

    4. restore image to the 1st 500gb drive

    5. Move the data only folders to the raid drive


    Not sure at what point do I actually change the raid configuration.

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    bump this

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