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    Expose question
    Hi all, Im sure this is a fairly simple answer for those inthe know... but that clearly isn't me.

    So I have a MBP and have also recently got a Mac Mini. Both C2D machines running snow leopard and have all updates installed.

    Expose on my mini shows BOTH open applications and any applications that have been minimised to the Dock. Those apps that have been minimised show up below a line about 3 quarters of the way down the expose screen

    The MBP when I press expose, only shows those apps that are currently open. Anything that has been minimised does not show up at all.

    I am trying to get the MBP to mimic the expose of the mini as having expose show the docked apps turns out to be very useful.

    I have looked through the options (sys preferences>>expose and space) and both machines seem to have the default settings in place.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the MBP to show docked items. I have a screen grab if it helps explain to anyone.

    Thanks for any help
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