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    Problems Installing Tiger
    Okay, so I just bought a GREAT new 14" iBook, with Tiger on it of course. I also have an eMac which is about a year old (third generation, I believe, with 1.25gHz). I have 10.3.9 running on it now, but I was hoping that when I bought my new iBook that the Tiger install discs would work on my eMac. When I try to install the new OS on my eMac, I get a message that basically says "cannot install on this computer".

    My question for all you I get this message because the software recognizes that it's not supposed to be run on this other computer, or is it because my eMac isn't configured to run/can't handle running Tiger? Is there anything that I can do to make it work? I know the obvious answer is "go buy the upgrade", but I just bought a whole new computer as well and I was just hoping to get the fringe benefit of being able to get Tiger on my old computer as well.

    Thanks for your insights!


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    Discs that come with a machine are machine/model specific.

    There is also a license agreement you might like to read someday.

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    Alright, to fix this you need to do a couple of things. First, go on the net and find your local Apple store. Next, go down to the Apple Store and look for the shelf filled with copies of Tiger. Last, bring one of those boxes up to the counter and pay for it. Now you can bring it home and you should be able to install Tiger with ease on your eMac. If there's no Apple store in your area then you can order a copy from Apple's website or many other computer retailers that deal with Mac's. Sorry, but no "fringe benefits" with this one.

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