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    terminal Command to speed up OSX
    there was a terminal command i foudn on this site some years back that enables a speedboost or something on mac OS...does anyone remember what it is? i know its on here some where i just cant find the thread i read it in Before...thanks in advance

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    There is no terminal command to speed up your mac. There are various disk and file system repair utilities that may make your computer perform better, but you are mistaken.

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    As DR has stated, there is no such command. I would also suggest that if you don't know what the command is, you probably don't want to use it.
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    DR is correct to the best of my knowledge. To run faster you need to define what you want to run faster (boot times, background tasks, etc). You can then set parameters within the OS via configuration files. I wouldn't recommend it if you are not fluent in Unix performance tuning. However, there is no real one size fits all command to run.
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    You guys are right,i used it before though because i had set up 10.6.3 on my laptop (toshiba L505-es5018) while reseraching how to do the sudo root command the that changes my password i stumbled across it i wish i could find it in my history i know i found it on this site, and once i used it my laptop would boot faster and everything would install a lil more fast., thanks anyway guys i'll keep looking, i think it may have been a file or something i activated or -de-activated

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    Back on 10.5.6 I had created a shell script to strip out all the unused kexts, fonts, printer drivers, etc...It saved a ton of space and lowered memory use and boot time, but tbh it was used on an osx86 system, although it didn't do anytrhing that would prevent it from working on a Mac. However my Mac does great and I'm out of the osx86 scene these days, and have abandoned such efforts.

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    Ah Hackintoshes running SL on a Toshiba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    Ah Hackintoshes running SL on a Toshiba.
    LOL The only hackintoshes I did was an AMD Phenom system with 10.5.5, and an MSI Wind from 10.5.6 up to 10.6.1 and I loved them.

    Once I got my Mini and my MBP though, I lost all drive to deal with hackintosh.

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    Last orders, please. This thread has officially entered Closing Time.

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