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    Surgery: Old Mac OS X HD into a Windows Laptop for Dual boot
    Hi everyone,

    I've had a terribly hard time searching this topic and i've looked into various hackintosh and dualboot techniques. I'm not entirely sure they completely apply to my situation, so I'm asking you all for some help with this, please

    I had the MBP of the generation right before the unibody came out and as of a month or so ago it was running Leopard fine. I believe the logic board died, or some components of it, as one day I suddenly couldn't see anything on the LCD, not even backlight. So I repeatedly tried restarting and booting in different ways with the LCD and with different external monitors with no avail, it seemed like some connection far up the road to any display mechanism had been damaged/severed.

    When booting it up i can hear the start up sound and launch apps from quicksilver by memory and get iTunes going, so I know the HD is fine. The volume keys work, but sometimes a little laggy as do the keyboard lighting buttons.

    Now: I'd like to pull out the drive from this Mac and set it up in my new Thinkpad coming in the mail that has a bay for an extra drive. I can take out the Ultrabay CD/DVD burner and connect the Mac HD via a cage it has for expansion instead of an optical drive. Ideally I would like the option of booting to either Windows or Mac if possible, I know at the very least I could throw the Mac HD into a cage and pull my data off. But if possible, I'd like to run the Mac HD in the thinkpad in some hackintoshy way. I know I can follow the instructions of using it like a hackintosh but is there some way I can choose which to boot to, and get the best of both worlds? I'd really appreciate the help, I know this post was a bit rambly. Admins, please place this in the appropriate forum if i put it in the wrong place.

    TLR: Mac died, I want to put the Mac HD into a PC and be able to boot off of both the Mac HD and run OS X and Windows 7 off of the PC HD.

    Really appreciate the help

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    Sorry, but any discussion of "hackintosh" or any other illegal usage is off limits in these forums. You can always remove your MBP hard drive and use it as a data drive in the Thinkpad - after reformatting it for Windows.

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    Seriously doubt you need to put that drive in another machine.

    I would suggest you call Apple and make an appointment to take your MBP in.
    The warranty on the nVidia 8600 graphics card in the '07 - '08 MBPs has been extended to 4 years - whether you have the extended Applecare or not.

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