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Thread: Problems with 10.5.8 - Terminal, Console won't open.

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    Problems with 10.5.8 - Terminal, Console won't open.
    i originally posted this in the Applications forums but I'm starting to think it's a deeper problem than the applications itself, so please bare with me.

    I'm running 10.5.8. Recently I've been having problems. I can't open terminal, under ANY account. I can't even edit any of my .bashrc files or anything because TextEdit hangs. And even the Console program hangs when I try to open it. But any app I can start under the gui opens and runs fine.

    It seems like when terminal opens it gets hung under "login" and never makes it from there...

    Any help you can give me I would appreciate it.

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    Closer than you think.
    Did you try permissions repair from DVD or fsck from single user mode? Reinstall the most recent combo update for your OS?

    If there are things to be done to bashrc then single user mode should be usable for you to make those changes. But I don't what you plan to change.

    Not sure what the problem is but if you are looking to change bashrc than it sounds like you may have also made other system wide changes via terminal before.

    "Archive and Install" would bring the system state back to the default OS install and leave the user data intact should you wish to resolve the issues with a blanket type of resolution.

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