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Thread: Migration assistant miscalculating account size

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    Migration assistant miscalculating account size
    I recently upgraded to an iPhone4. I had to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard, which I had wanted to do for sometime. I backed up my system using Silverkeeper and made 3 copies all located on the same external drive. I did a clean install of Leopard and updated. My hard drive has 60 Gb of space available on my main partition and 30 Gb on a second partition. I opened Migration Assistant to transfer my accounts. The accounts totaled just over 40 Gb, but Migration Assistant seems to think it is three times that amount and won't let me migrate due to lack of space. I have run Disk Utility from my Leopard DVD. i verified the disk and did a repair. I also verified permissions and everything seems to be fine. I'm assuming that Migration Assistant is seeing all 3 copies of my back up, Any help would be much appreciated. I'm running a MacBook Pro.

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    Try unmounting two of the partitions prior to using Migration Assistant. When you go to unmount a partition from a drive with mulitiple partitions, you should get a pop up asking if you want to unmount only that one or all of them.

    (it sounds to me like you should also seriously be looking for a new, larger internal drive if that's all the free space you have on it. Just imho.)
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