I have a problem with things I add within an application later disappearing. I thought at first it was a problem with the application. when it happened in other applications, I wrote it off as user error, or some other problem.

the problem started (or rather, was most noticible) in iweb. I'd add photos, or PDF files, they would SAVE but then later, would be gone. I thought at first it had to do with the process of publication, some problemw ith my FTP program, or the host, but then it started to happen just within iweb (i.e. with no activity on my part outside iweb.. not posting to web, not using FTP, nothing but closing iweb, and then re-opening).

Then I had a very similar problem occur when using "book smart", software from Blurb that helps you format a book for publishing. I would add text (from a Word document), and it would copy just fine. I'd do some re-formatting elsewhere in the document, but go back and VERIFY that the text was there. I'd hit SAVE (even though the program insisted that this wasn't necessary, as it saved upon closing no matter what). then I'd open the software the next day (or later the same day), and some (but not all) of the text would be gone. there were some chunks of text that I added 4 or 5 times!! now, I would definitely have assumed that this was a problem with the Book Smart software, if I hadn't been having similar problems in iweb (and probably elsewehre, but not as obvious).

is there any possible problem you can think of with the OS itself that might be the source of all these issues?