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    help installing Printer Drivers
    When OS X was installed on my system, the person who installed chose not to install the optional printer drivers. To my annoyance, i really need my epson 740i to print right now, and the only driver available for OS X is on the installation CD. So my question is: is there anyway to install a printer driver from the OS X install CD AFTER the operating system has already been installed? If yes, how? If no, then that is one of the most absolutely ridiculous things I have ever heard, and a testiment to apple's lack of any common sense.

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    im sure you can since the second disk is just a package installer. but if only one driver is what you need, you can get it here from Epson

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    Thanks for the reply, but my Mac game with an installion DVD, not seperate CDs, so I can't find any way to install certain drivers and what not, there is only the option to install OS X from scratch. Also, that link does not have any OS X drivers for the 740i printer. It just says "this driver is included on the OS X installation CD" and therefore not available for download.

    Any one else have any idea?!


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