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    Unhappy Tiger Freeze after Upgrade from Panther and Log-In as Admin User??
    Hi, brand new here.

    Machine Name: PowerBook G4 15"
    Machine Model: PowerBook5,4
    CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.1)
    Number Of CPUs: 1
    CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 512 MB
    Bus Speed: 167 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: 4.8.6f0

    System Version: Mac OS X 10.4.2 (8C46)
    Kernel Version: Darwin 8.2.0

    So, yesterday I upgraded from Panther 10.3.9 to Tiger. Upgrade ran smoothly, however, when I logged in after restart as the admin user, it goes through the log-in process then just hangs on an empty desktop with a movable mouse pointer. There is the faint whirr of harddrive activity but nothing else, just a blank desktop.

    I've run the disk utility from the install disc, reinstalled Panther and run the disk utility and Cocktail, then re-upgraded. Still no joy, but I can log in on my guest account no problem, a bit slower than usual the first time while Spotlight was indexing. Maybe this is the delay and the harddrive activity on the admin user? I upgraded to 4.2 with the guest account (functions mostly problemfree, except for not flushing widget exit-buttons on rebott, weird).

    Anybody have any ideas? I'm about to attempt a reboot with p-ram flush....

    In hope and with best regards :headphone

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    boot to the tiger dvd and enable root user.

    log in as root and create a new admin account.

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