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    MacOSX Snow Leopard problems

    I've been selling MacOSX Snow Leopard installation DVD's for a few months now. They came with some new 13.3" MacBooks. Sold like a charm, earned some pocket money and had a lot of happy customers, until one of them sent a email back to me, saying he felt scamt because it wasn't a retail version and it wasn't working for hes MacBook. I worked at +/- 10 other customers as well.
    There have been said that that you actually can not install MacOSX on another MacBook if it's not a retail version.

    What do you guys think about this?
    p.s. Does the difference between an update and a full reinstallation make a difference?

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    Huge difference. Install discs will work only with the model the disc came with that is why he feels scammed if it was advertised wrongly.

    Don't think you know what you are talking about with system discs, updates and install discs.

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    The problem is not with Snow Leopard. It's with you not knowing what you're dealing with, or just dealing.

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    Well, that clears things up.
    Thank you people!

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