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    Quick OS X Installation Question
    I'm selling my Macbook Pro and want to return it to factory settings for the buyer.

    I put the OSX Install DVD in and held C. I didn't get an "Erase and Install" option so I went into the utilities, zeroed Macintosh HD and then went through the install procedure. The Mac now boots with the welcome sequence so it all looks good but when I finished the install it said I may need to re-install the Applications if I erased the HDD.

    So, basically what I want to know is, do I need to install the apps from the other disc and what's the best way as obviously I can't check if everything's present and correct without setting up again and if I did that I'd be back to square one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you did a complete re-install then the Apps that came with the Mac OS will be on your machine.
    There is additional stuff on the 2nd dvd but nothing to worry about ...
    So the way it is is right to go
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    Excellent, thanks.

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