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Thread: File Transfer Issue

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    File Transfer Issue
    Hi all, bought my first ever mac today. I'm pretty tech savvy on Windows and Linux, but this is a bold new frontier to me.

    I've managed to successfully set up an FTP server on my Windows desktop and have my Macbook connect to it. I'm trying to transfer my horribly unorganized music collection, which apparently contains some broken files.

    However, whenever the Mac comes across a broken or protected file, it shoots me an error message before canceling the entire operation. Is there a way I can have it continue after the error message?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks tons.

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    Why FTP?

    Try setting up a regular old SMB share. Then use the cp command from the terminal. sudo cp -vR /Volumes/sharename ~/Music

    Or just mount the share and tell iTunes to import them right from there.

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