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    Browser issue with a well known auction site
    Running the latest version of Leopard, no major issue but I have a copuple of niggles.

    When attempting to list something on ebay using Safari I can list the first item pretty much without any issue but the second time i go to list I have to keep logging in at each Juncture as in i add a picture it then asks me to login , I add the picture and update the listing page I have to sign in again and when I submit the auction it asks me to sign in again and so on, it's quite infuriating.

    I don't get in on firefox...

    Any ideas?

    and my second issue is do I stop my imac from keep logging on to different wireless connections other than my in I leave the machine for say ten mins, by the time I get back it's logged off my network and sitting on somebody elses close by....It cannot use their connection cos I don't have the wep keys but it logs off mine and although I thought I'd stopped in the 'open network preferences' it appears i have's only a simple question of highlighting my network and it logs me back on but I'd like to stop it from wandering off mine on to others.


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    Tremendous response to this 2 days after initial post.

    At least Apple respond in a more timely manner.

    If I can't do it myself could somebody please delete my account.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogon View Post
    Tremendous response to this 2 days after initial post.

    At least Apple respond in a more timely manner.

    If I can't do it myself could somebody please delete my account.

    We don't delete accounts, but you're free to let it go dormant.

    By the way, this board is not Apple nor is it a paid support service. People come here and help when they can and the community works with each other.

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    Well I never saw the thread, but I would have said to avoid Safari and Ebay anyway, because they do not work well together. You can't list properly in Safari at all, it doesn't let you tab down to a new paragraph for example.
    Stick with Firefox and also learn some manners.
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    Can we close this thread before it goes somewhere that we don't want it to? Please

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    Suggest using Firefox for your eBay posts.

    Lucky to get any help at all simply put.

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